Rush was right about Obama – will voters save nation? by Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent declares Nov. 4 ‘do or die day in America’

Rush Limbaugh may or may not have a crystal ball, but quite honestly, anyone with even a minimum level of awareness and the most basic “we the people” responsibility of paying attention to candidates running for public office could have seen this one coming like a thundering stampede of angry elephants in your living room.

The custom-groomed senator from Illinois had it all: slick beyond used-car salesman jive, masterful command of teleprompters, delivering clever, award-winning scripted sweet talk to the ever-increasing sheeping of the masses, and all conveniently timed as the dumbing down of America was at its most embarrassing vacuity.

Add to that caustic list of libelous credentials the fact that enough Americans had abandoned all sense of decency by actually admitting, “It is time for a black president.” So much for content of character in deference to color of skin. Clearly, it is only “time for a black president” when such a man is the right man, not the right color. Sheesh!

Alfred Hitchcock, Rod Sterling, Alfred E. Neuman, Saul Alinsky and Josef Goebbels couldn’t have created a better Manchurian Candidate had they hired Mary Shelley to help manufacture their own Frankenstein.


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