Eric Holder gets trashed by his former employee (Video)

“Our country is more polarized and more racially divided because of Eric Holder. He turned Justice Department into this racially motivated political turnout machine for the Democrat party,” J. Christian Adams said.

A former official at the Department of Justice ripped apart outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder during a radio interview yesterday.

J. Christian Adams, who resigned from the DOJ over the department’s handling of the infamous Black Panther scandal, told Holder “good riddance” and said the attorney general had turned the Justice Department into a political operation.

“It’s a hotbed of sort of radical progressive politics, whether it’s anti-gun, anti-racial equality, anti-election integrity, anti-free speech,” Adams told WMAL. “It runs the gamut of far-left ideology in a place that really, under great Attorneys General like Ed Meese – frankly even Janet Reno treated it with more respect than Eric Holder has.”

Adams also attacked Holder’s conception of racial justice.

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