Gen Jerry Boykin – Marxists Have Taken Over Govt, Citizens Must Become More Engaged (Audio)

Asked why the Republicans are so docile, Boykin says the last thing they want to do is go down in history as impeaching the first black president. That has given them a pass to do as they please. Wiles says, they ought to be concerned with impeaching the first communist president.

General Jerry Boykin appears on the TruNews radio program and discusses the border situation, and the terrorist threat that is being exponentially increased by Hussein Obama’s policy of allowing anyone who chooses to come into America to do so unchallenged and at will.

He affirms with certainty that what exists on the southern border, particularly in certain areas, such as south of El Paso in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, we have a war zone.

As a former Delta Force commander, the General is familiar with what a war zone looks like. He details some of common occurrences, the dismembered bodies being discovered and the background of intermittent gunfire, saying, “The legal residents are really putting up with a lot down there right now.”


Complete text and audio linked here.

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