Shocking poll: Family matters to women

Feminist mystique unable to overcome hope to be home with children.

A study commissioned amid the previous presidential election’s “War on Women” campaign rhetoric and accompanying attempts by feminist groups to speak for all women found many mothers want to quit the workforce to stay home with their children but say they can’t afford it.

The joint study by Forbes and surveyed 1,000 women, 67 percent of whom were working moms and 33 percent of whom were at home.

Just 10 percent of stay-at-home moms regretted giving up their jobs, and 19 percent said they would be happier if still working. But close to half of working moms believed they would be happier if they stayed at home with their children.

Despite decades of pressure from feminists to put off having kids or let others raise them, many women are deciding that isn’t the life they want.

Three of these women – a Hollywood actress, a psychologist and radio host, and a political news anchor – have written “What Women Really Want.” The new book delves into the true desires women have for themselves and their families in contrast to what society and media tell them.


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