Poll: Hispanics, Blacks Call for Tighter Borders, Access to Illegals’ Jobs

Three-quarters (75%) of all respondents say that, if U.S. businesses are having trouble finding workers, they should raise wages and improve work conditions – not seek more workers from other countries – a view shared by 86% of Blacks, 71% of Hispanics and 73% of Whites.

Strong majorities of both Hispanics and Blacks think the government should do more to secure the border and give job-hungry Americans the chance to do jobs currently taken by illegal aliens, a new national poll of likely voters shows.

Fully 63% of Hispanics and 57% of Blacks say the government is not doing enough to enforce U.S. immigration laws, according to the survey by The Polling Company, Inc. Likewise, 78% of Whites and 74% of all respondents want tighter border security.

What’s more, 71% of Blacks and 63% of Hispanics believe the government “has a responsibility” to protect job-hungry Americans “from competition with illegal immigrants.” About three-quarters of Whites (77%) and all respondents (74%) agree that the government has a duty to protect Americans from job competition by illegal aliens.


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