Political Correctness, Open Borders, Governmental Incompetence, and Ebola: What Could Go Wrong?

What happens when we combine political correctness, an open-borders mentality, governmental incompetence, and the Ebola virus? We’re about to find out.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of NBC Nightly News, anchorman Brian Williams said of Ebola, “The outbreak is now officially out of control.” Undoubtedly Williams is correct—he was, after all, citing a bulletin from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)—but surely this Ebola outbreak, out of control as it is, must rate as one of the most predictable surprises in epidemiological history.

The CDC has known about the outbreak since March; indeed, the number of confirmed cases crossed 100 on March 27, and fatalities crossed 100 on April 7. Today, two Americans with Ebola are sitting in an Atlanta hospital, having been flown here from Africa.

But could there be others with Ebola here in the US? Maybe. As Breitbart Texas’s Brandon Darby reports, 71 individuals from the three Ebola epicenter countries—Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone—have either turned themselves in or been apprehended at the US Southern border. Do any of them have Ebola? Or could any of them be asymptomatic carriers? As things stand now, it’s hard to know, because the US Government policy on possible contagion is this: Officials ask the person if he or she has any communicable diseases, and if the answer is “no,” officials take his or her word for it. That’s perhaps not the most foolproof system ever devised. And of course, the government can’t account at all for people that it doesn’t apprehend.


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