Two “Dreamers” Set Amnesty Trap for Rep Steve King – Instead He Feeds Them Their Own Bait (Video)

He refutes every one of their weak positions and thwarts her attempt at a photo-op of King shredding what must be some sort of “dreamer” ID card.

A couple of life-long illegal aliens show up at an Iowa lunch table of Rep Steve King and Sen Rand Paul. As the female illegal introduces herself and it becomes clear what is unfolding, Sen Paul heads for the hills. Rep King not only holds his ground in the ensuing discussion but turns the tables back on the illegals.

The illegals’ attempted rationalization away of King’s insistence on respect for the law and violators not being the kind of person that should receive special treatment as well as his straight talk befuddles the illegals.

They both, including one who claims to be a law school graduate, have accolades for Obama’s unconstitutional DACA and violations of the Constitution, a position which feeds right into Rep King’s lack of respect for the rule of law argument.


Complete text linked here.

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