Nestle USA latest corporate giant to move operations out of California

Nestle will move “Hot Pockets” operation to Kentucky — 360 workers notified.

Glendale-based Nestle USA is closing its Chatsworth Hot Pockets plant and moving the work to its operation in Mount Sterling, Kentucky, investing $13 million in expanding the facility and hiring 150 workers, it was reported today.

Production at the Chatsworth facility, which began turning out the snacks in 1988, will end around October. The 360 workers at the facility were given notice last Friday, Nestle spokeswoman Roz O’Hearn said in remarks reported by the Daily News, adding that the fate of the workers and the Nestle-owned 184,000-square-foot production facility is unknown..

The employees can move into other positions in the area or relocate to Mount Sterling, which is converting to a 24-hour work schedule. Those who cannot find other jobs with the company will be given severance and job placement assistance, she said.

The Mount Sterling plant opened in 1966 and doubled in size in 1993. Nestle USA bought the Hot Pockets brand in 2002.


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