Border-security protesters descend on McCain office

“We demand you come out here, Sen. McCain,” shouted Pete Santilli, host of an Internet radio program called “The Pete Santilli Show.”

Sen. John McCain’s office in Phoenix was the site of a rambunctious border-security protest on Saturday that included some claiming to be from Murrieta, Calif., where last month a similar group of picketers blocked government buses transporting undocumented immigrants.

Members in the crowd were protesting what they called lax border security.

About 75 people gathered outside the Anchor Centre West Building at 22nd Street and Camelback Road, where McCain has an office.

The crowed chanted “Where is the fence?” and a man with a megaphone demanded McCain to come out of the building and address the crowd over recent legislation dubbed the CREST Act that he and Sen. Jeff Flake authored that would have, among other things, sped up deportations of unaccompanied children from South and Central America.

Protesters said they were part of a “convoy” heading to other planned protests in Eloy, Oracle and Texas. Some of those at the gathering were local residents who joined the protest after hearing about it and had no plans to travel with the group.


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