Catholic League On Obama’s Comments: ‘Muslims Contributed NOTHING to the Foundation of Our Country’

President of the Catholic League, Dr. Bill Donohue continued to vehemently and heatedly slamming the president for his revisionist sense of history and skewed sociological perspective.

On Friday, the President of the Catholic League, Dr. Bill Donohue, spoke with TPNN’s the Voice of Reason, Tim Constantine on the issue of Christian persecution in the Arab world.

Right off the bat, Constantine asked why the president was so resistant to speaking out against Christian persecution occurring in the Middle East. Dr. Donohue countered that Obama is a devout secularist.

“I’ve worked with many professors in my life and I know the way they think. They’re either indifferent to religion or they’re hostile to it. But not all religions; I mean, I’ve never seen a president show more favoritism to one religion, namely Islam- and I’m not implying he’s a Muslim. No, he’s a secularist- But he’s definitely showed preferential treatment to Islam over Christianity and Judaism.”

Donohue pointed out that Christians are being persecuted in 151 nations across the globe and while we’ve heard from the Pope and other world leaders on the issue, this president has remained inappropriately silent.

Donohue blasted the president and wondered why moderate Muslims were not convening conferences to condemn the violence being wrought upon Christians and Jews throughout the world.


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