Former Employees Allege Widespread Illegality at Taxpayer-Backed Solar Company

Spanish firm under federal investigation routinely violated U.S. immigration, workplace safety laws, former employees claim.

A solar company backed by billions in stimulus funds routinely violated U.S. immigration law, workplace safety codes, and environmental regulations, replaced American workers with foreigners, and may be on the verge of bankruptcy, former employees tell the Washington Free Beacon.

The employees describe a pervasive culture of illegality and irresponsibility at the highest levels of the politically connected Spanish solar firm Abengoa.

Despite receiving $2.6 billion in taxpayer backing through President Barack Obama’s stimulus package, they say, the company brazenly flouts U.S. laws that could slow production or hurt its bottom line.

The stimulus was designed to put Americans back to work after the financial and economic catastrophes of 2008, but the employees say taxpayer funds are being used to employ foreign expats, even for menial jobs that could easily be filled by American workers.

The allegations could be another black eye for an Obama Energy Department (DOE) that has been criticized for years over what its critics describe as poor oversight of its green energy subsidies and the economic troubles of the companies they benefit.


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