Heritage Action Issues New Call to Arms

“The only way to win an argument is to have one,” the Heritage Action document reads. “And while many people think Washington, D.C., is broken, the truth is that it’s broken only for the American people. For the wealthy and the powerful, Washington is a finely tuned machine aimed at avoiding principled arguments and keeping the gravy train rolling for well-connected interests.”

Heritage Action, the political arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation, spent last year’s August recess banging the drum for Congress to defund the 2010 health law, barnstorming the country to fuel conservatives’ discontent with GOP leaders in Washington. The resulting standoff briefly shuttered the government.

This year, the group is issuing a broader call-to-arms, challenging conservatives to renew their commitment to an agenda that champions a more-robust foreign policy and elevates marriage and religious liberty, as well as the same free-market economic populism that characterized its earlier initiatives.

A memo to be released Thursday and distributed to members of Congress before they leave town for the five-week August recess, serves as a wake-up call to conservatives that voters still need to hear a positive governing agenda from the GOP before they will be willing to elect a new Republican majority.


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