Former Black Panther and Current Democrat Rep Bobby Rush Under Investigation for Corruption

Rush and his wife, as well as their nonprofit organizations have decade long problems paying income, property and various other taxes:

Rep Bobby Rush, (D) Ill, is under investigation for a variety of charges. He is accused of misusing campaign funds, improper reporting of finances, and the missing one million dollar grant provided by a private company aided by Rush in Congress. Rush maintains his innocence.

The Chicago Sun Times has led an investigation into various transactions Rush has had and possible violations of the law plus quid pro quo arrangements with the telecommunications companies, including a million dollar grant that Rush can’t explain where the money went.

The first possible infraction concerns an office Rush has maintained for the past 12 years. Rush has not filed with the FEC (Federal Election Commission) any reports on the money spent renting the office space. That is a violation of the rules.

Records also indicate that Rush has donated over one hundred and ninety six thousand dollars to the Beloved Community Christian Church, where Rush is the pastor of record. The money was used to help close on a building and helped with a creditor who was trying to collect money owed to him.


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