Government Cover-up: Nurse says “They’re going to crush the system. We can’t sustain this.”

Schwilk is just one activist reporting what could be called a government engineered occupation of America by third world illegal immigrants, putting our national health at risk. Reports are flooding the internet media supporting his information.

Jeff Schwilk, spokesman for San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition, tells PolitiChicks, that his Border Patrol Agent sources report nearly 25% of the illegal immigrants on the first three flights from the border into San Diego were carriers of contagious diseases. About 100 out of 420 illegal aliens have active scabies. There are reports of coughing up of blood, lice, and fevers, all indicative of disease, sickness, or infection.

His sources indicate that the medical screeners are not able to use the same protocol followed when processing legal immigrants due to the system overload. There are no legitimate quarantine quarters or required clearances due to the massive numbers of illegal aliens coming into Texas. Some treatment is rendered and then they are released into the general population, transferred by plane or bus to their destinations.

Schwilk tells PolitiChicks that a 6th Border Patrol Agent has contracted scabies. Medical staff and the Border Patrol Agents are the first line responders, and as such are subjected to the health issues themselves. They are doing the best that they can but the situation is overwhelming.


Complete text linked here.

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