Judge Jeanine to Obama: ‘It’s Time to Sit at the Table & Get in the Game’ (Video)

And finally, to our border. Stop throwing money that we don’t have at problems! Where did you learn that anyway? You can’t just send money to Honduras and you can’t send immigrants under the cover of darkness – whose backgrounds we don’t know, many with gang tattoos and whose health records we don’t even have – all over our country! You need to ship them out now. And if you can’t secure the border, militarize it.

In tonight’s “Justice,” Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed Barack Obama for sitting on the sidelines, “watching and dithering,” as five of the world’s worst crises are at play.

Read the transcript below.

The cards have been dealt, and we are here to play: famous words of Vladimir Putin.

And as the world watches, two of its strongest leaders are at play.

At the table? Russian President Putin, not kidding around as evidenced by pro-Russian separatists, who most agree have blown a civilian plane from the sky.

And at the table? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, not kidding around, as evidenced by as many as 50,000 Israeli boots on the ground to blow up the tunnels used by Hamas terrorists to store weapons and stage attacks.

And on the sidelines watching and dithering, our leader, Barack Obama.


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