Pat Buchanan Says Border Crisis May Tear the US Apart (Video)

BUCHANAN: If that’s true, the government of the United States and the president of the United States, if he knows it, are subsidizing massive criminality on the part of people who are breaking into our country.

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And for years, my next guest — he’s been warning of the dangers of illegal immigration, but he made waves earlier this week when he said if America continues to allow illegal immigrants to flood across the border, our country faces a, quote, “Balkanization” and risks a, quote, “potential break-up.”

Joining me now, author of the brand-new book, a New York Times best-seller, “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority,” Patrick J. Buchanan is back with us.

Sir, you have spoken for years — you have warned America for years about illegal immigration. You’ve even taken a lot of heat and been called a racist for saying that you want our laws obeyed and American sovereignty respected. Is this even worse than you thought it would become?

PAT BUCHANAN, “THE GREATEST COMEBACK” AUTHOR: Yes, Sean, it’s — I’ve been at this for 20 years since I ran in 1992 against President Bush, when they were coming in at the Imperial Beach out there in San Diego at 5,000 a weekend, walking into our country. For 20 years, the government of the United States has failed to secure the borders of the United States. And a country that cannot control its borders, said Ronald Reagan, isn’t really a country anymore.


Complete text and video linked here.

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