5 ways to convert a liberal in 5 minutes

Gina Loudon declares, ‘You can’t win unless you invade the other side.’

I tell my audiences at every opportunity that no war has ever been won without invasion.

But how do we invade an entire culture that has within its ranks the media, the subsidized jobless with lots of time on their hands and the amoral who subscribe to a politically correct theology and don’t have to answer to a standard?

Every conservative knows this challenge, and I have been testing approaches in all my years in media and communication. Like all politics, psychology is key.

My opinion is in sync with others who study this topic every day. One of those is moral psychologist and ethics professor Dr. Jonathan Haidt. He said he started looking at political differences to explain the close mindedness of conservatives, but he ended up seeing conservatives differently when he actually amassed data that proved conservatives to be fairly broad minded.

Another is Matt Zwolinski, associate professor of philosophy at the University of San Diego. He nicknamed himself “The Bleeding-Heart Libertarian.” He said we should start dialogue with the issue of compassion because liberals have been taught to believe that conservatives are not compassionate.


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