Pat Buchanan: Jeb Bush Won’t Be the GOP Presidential Nominee (Video)

On Friday’s broadcast of Laura Ingraham’s radio show, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan downplayed the prospects of former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) being the Republican presidential nominee in 2016.

Buchanan cited immigration and Common Core as two of the main challenges he would have to overcome to be the nominee.

“I don’t believe Jeb Bush is going to be the Republican nominee,” Buchanan said. “I think the Common Core problem and I think ‘his illegal immigration is an act of love’ — I mean, he really put his foot down where he wanted to be. And I think that is on the other side of the place where the Republican nominee is going to be. So I would be very surprised – as a matter of fact, I would be astounded if Jeb Bush stepped into the primaries and you know, cut a wide swath and became the nominee.”

Video linked here at original source.

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