Paula Deen Tells Hollywood Gatekeepers to Shove It

Paula Deen, the 67 year-old celebrity chef who was personally and professionally destroyed last year by America’s bigoted elite for having a Southern accent and enjoying food, announced Wednesday that Hollywood and the media can shove it.

Backed by an equity fund worth $100 million, Deen is already building her own television studio near her home in Savannah, Georgia, and will launch her own Web-based network in September.

If you recall, Deen’s career was annihilated after the anti-Southern bigots who make up much of the media elite, learned through a lawsuit deposition that Deen had used the N-word ages ago after a black man put a gun to her head while she was working as a bank teller. According to CNN, the lawsuit was eventually dismissed with prejudice and “without any award of costs or fees to any party.”

No matter. The damage was done. The media hates people like Deen on sight, found their excuse, and played every McCarthyism Card available to them. She lost her endorsements and she lost her television show.

No one’s defending what Deen said, but to destroy a human being over age-old slurs and an unresolved lawsuit that would eventually be dismissed, is McCarthyism. Period.


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