Actor James Woods Clobbers ACLU For Lack of Outrage About Obama IRS Targeting Scandal

Finally, Woods chastised the ACLU, tweeting, “Imagine what a powerful force the ACLU could be if they actually approached ALL abuses of the Bill of Rights equally and objectively.”

Actor James Woods took to Twitter (@RealJamesWoods) on Friday to lambaste the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for the liberal groups’ lack of outrage about the Obama IRS targeting citizens based on their political beliefs.

Woods said it was “odd” that he wasn’t able to “find any statements of outrage from the ACLU about the orchestrated violations of our civil liberties by the Obama IRS.”

“Voting IS a civil liberty,” Woods tweeted, while asking, “did the ACLU ever get involved in the IRS attempt to defraud a Presidential election?”

Obama and Democrats did not want a repeat of the historic 2010 Tea Party landslide, and were willing to violate their civil rights by using the IRS to target political opponents prior to the 2012 election.


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