Remembering A Legend At The Andrew Breitbart Awards (Video)

Not only a fitting tribute but a timely reminder. It is important for each of us to keep in mind that Andrew wasn’t merely talking about replacing media lies with truth, or combating their spin or complicity in the aims of the “progressives” in America, but also challenging them directly on their own turf. We cannot be just about correcting the record, though that is important. We must hold them accountable, call them out by name, and show them for the hucksters and charlatans they really are.

This week, the Heritage Foundation and The Franklin Center joined together to put on the third annual Future of Media Summit. The conference is a perfect way for bloggers and journalists to get together and discuss carrying forward the work that Andrew considered to be so important. On Tuesday evening, as part of the conference, the Andrew Breitbart Awards dinner was held to honor individuals who are making a difference in these fields and are honoring Breitbart’s memory and mission. Here is the tribute video aired by the Franklin Center and Heritage as part of the ceremony.


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