Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Must NEVER Become President (Video)

He also called her out for giving the American people “nothing but spin” during subsequent investigations into Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to scandal or controversy. The potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate has been criticized for her role in defending her husband’s sexual misconduct, the mishandling of State Department contracts on her watch as secretary, and the unethical behavior as a young lawyer during the Watergate investigation that resulted in her being fired.

But Rand Paul says that Hillary’s role in the Benghazi affair is the one that should prevent her from ever serving as Commander-In-Chief.

Speaking at a Republican National Committee meeting in Kentucky, Paul cited Hillary’s responsibility for the inadequate security at the diplomatic mission in Libya and unwillingness to send help once the attack was underway as disqualifying her for the role as president.


Complete text linked here.

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