Anarchist conference descends into chaos

The panellists appeared to have had enough by this point and chose to flee the building before security arrived, with one explaining: “I personally do not feel safe in this place and I am gonna leave because the police are coming.”

Campus police were called to a Portland university campus when a conference including a panel on anarchy quickly descended into chaos.

The annual Law and Disorder Conference (LDC) had invited anarchist author Kristian Williams to speak at the conference entitled ‘Informants: Types, Cases and Warning Signs’ at Portland State University, where “rabble rousers, trouble makers and luddites” were welcome to attend, according to the LDC’s website.

The group may have later come to regret this extended welcome after protesters descended on the conference, apparently upset by Williams’ presence because of controversial comments he made in his essay ‘The Politics of Denunciation’ when discussing sexual assault and survivors.

Video footage saw Portland State University students chanting “we will not be silenced in the face of violence,” while some shouted “no-one speaks for me, I speak for myself” and others insisted they would “not live in a patriarchal society”.


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