Do Not Underestimate the Pure Evil of Animal Rights by Ted Nugent

“If you truly want to have the laugh of a lifetime, painful as it might be, by all means visit my Ted Nugent Facebook firestorm. Obviously, as fulltime self-evident truth and logic addicted deerhunters, we celebrate and promote the perfection of the hunting lifestyle in everything we do.”

But in this inexplicable upside down world of politically correct denial cultists, by simply sharing a beautiful photograph and brief story about a joyous hunt and kill, my Facebook is flooded by a gaggle of indescribable creatures that slither out from their demonzones to attack us with the most vile, vicious hatred I have ever witnessed in my otherwise wonderful 65.5 year American Dream.

The depth and consistency of violent hate, even in a world torn apart by a tragic war on evil terrorism, is rather shocking to the system of anyone who lives to do good every day. Very rarely does an anti-hunter just post a contrary opinion without threatening to kill my family.

No, I am as serious as a heart attack. In graphic language, they threaten to hunt, kill, gut and other non-mentionables to me and my family. And of course the people at Facebook are more like them than us, so they don’t really care about specific death threats.

So let me get this straight: somehow, something in their life caused a serious brain-damaging occurrence, and they refuse to believe or admit that venison is food, delicious, natural, renewable, healthy food of choice by literally hundreds of millions of people across the globe.


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