California Teachers Union Slammed by Modesto Teachers Union and Police

A rogue teachers union’s decision to vote on severing ties to the California Teacher’s Union (CTA) and the National Education Association (NEA) created such havoc that police intervention became necessary.

On Tuesday, Mike Antonucci of Hot Air noted that the Modesto Teachers Association (MTA) voted on whether the 1,500-member union would stay in the fold or split from the dominant CTA. In an effort to stop the vote from taking place, the CTA had sent two of its trustees on Monday to take possession of its offices and bank accounts and place the recalcitrant union under state trusteeship.

But, according to the Modesto Bee, the MTA called in the police to stop the takeover and it resulted in the CTA being rebuffed and allowed the election to take place without further incident.


Complete text linked here.

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