The Humane Society of the United States Scam by Ted Nugent

I love animals. They’re delicious. No, really. Both. I cannot imagine life without my dogs and stupid cat. Man’s best friend has played an indescribably powerful quality of life role in my life forever. There was Duke, Kippy, Paco, Popeye, Pinecone, Bear, Bruin, Gonzo1, Puppy Toddy, Whitey, Bear2, Porterhouse, Moose, Minnie, Lady, Gonzo2, Thunder, BlackJack, Rocky, Gonzo3 and Happy.

My every day begins with very special time with my dogs. They are my buddies, and life would suck without them. Though no animal can ever rate with the value of a human being, we do surely love our dogs as valued pets, even as extended family members. I think we can all agree that the trauma experienced upon losing a beloved pet is indeed a very emotional time for a family.

Every hunter I know, and there are a lot of them, feels the same way about our pets and animals in general. We also feel an equally powerful affection, respect and connection with the wild animals we hunt, kill and eat. Those modern souls disconnected from the animals that provide us food can’t figure this out, but it is nonetheless a forgone conclusion; hunters love the game animals we hunt, kill and eat.

In the same way our ancestors prayed for the spiritual beasts that gave us food, shelter, clothing, medicine, tools, weapons, happiness and spiritual joy, all the hunters I know in 2014 and beyond deeply connect with wildlife in this way.


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