Cinco de Mayo festivities get out of hand in San Jose

The owner of Chapparal Market closed shop early, saying he was thankful at least his store was spared any vandalism this year.

There were some tense moments in downtown San Jose as Cinco de Mayo celebrations got out of control Sunday.

Dozens of officers swarmed the area near Roosevelt Park to stop the unruly behavior.

“It gets crazy because alcohol gets involved and people just get put of hand,” said Mario Ortiz who lives in Gilroy. “It happens every year.”

Large crowds of young people, who were celebrating Cinco de Mayo, took over East Santa Clara Street. They disrupted traffic, performed side shows and made it difficult for some neighbors to feel safe.

“I was scared when I first approached,” said Carie Brandon who lives in San Jose. “I stayed back a bit. I don’t want anything bad to happen like last year.”


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