Did This Grammy Winner Just Call For The Assassination Of A US Senator?

Though she quickly deleted the outrageous post, Twitter aggregation site Twitchy.com offers screenshots of the tweet and some subsequent responses.

Though her name might not immediately ring any bells, Diane Warren is a widely recognized and award-winning songwriter. Most recently, though, she has been known more for the hate-filled rhetoric she writes on her Twitter page than the lyrics she provides to musical acts like Aerosmith and LeAnn Rimes.

A few months ago, she weighed in on the controversy surrounding ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson’s Bible-based comments regarding homosexuality.

“F—k U duck dynasy [sic] and A+E, sincerley [sic] all gays, minorities and especially ducks,” she tweeted last December.

Her most recent attack, however, is far more pointed as she publicly longed for Sen. Ted Cruz to be murdered. Earlier this month, Cruz posted a photo in which he and fellow senator Mike Lee posed in front of a tiger skin rug he ostensibly bought for his office.


Complete text linked here.

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