George Will: Tea Party an ‘Enormous Benefit’ to Both the GOP and the Country

Will rightly goes on to point out that the Tea Party was born out of being appalled with the growth of government and government spending under George W. Bush and a disgust with Republican behavior between 2001-2009, rather than a confined reaction to Barack Obama, a common misconception about the movement.

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and political commentator George Will was interviewed this week by the Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein. One of the topics discussed was the Tea Party movement in America, its roots and its impact (see video below).

Will was asked by Weinstein, “Do you believe the Tea Party is a significant force in Republican politics, or has their power waned significantly?”

“The Tea Party is a huge force. In some ways, more of a force than ever,” Will answered, while pointing out that Tea Party candidates haven’t won every election they’ve entered, but judging them exclusively on wins and losses “is not the proper metric” to judge the pro-liberty, pro-Constitution movement’s success, said Will.


Complete text and video linked here.

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