Michelle Malkin fed up with “Fed-Ed”, BLASTS “John Dewey/Saul Alinsky-marinated progressives” pushing Common Core

“Fed-Ed. I’m fed up with Fed-Ed. And I’m fed up with people swallowing the lies of Common Core propagandists who say that it was state-led. And yet it’s Arnie Duncan and Bill Gates who are the only ones blabbering about it all the time on the air-waves.”

A great clip of Michelle Malkin fighting against Common Core, brought to us by Shark-Tank. I’ve transcribed a good portion of it below:

And you know as well as I do that before it was Common Core, it was No Child Left Behind. And before it was No Child Left Behind, it was Outcome-Based Education. And before it was OBE, it was Goals 2000 and Schools-to-Work.

And who are the people behind these efforts to usurp local control and sovereignty, to trample parental rights, to invade student privacy, and to undermine basic constitutional principles? Chamber of Commerce types, Republican Party types, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, the Establishment — they’re just a facade for the people who are really pulling the strings behind the scenes: the John Dewey/Saul Alinsky-marinated progressives who’ve been trying to undermine local control of education for as long as they’ve been alive and for as long as I can remember.


Complete text linked here.

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