Let’s get it on, Mikey Bloomberg by Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent declares it’s liberalism, not guns, that destroys young black lives.

You bring your $50 million bucks to go after freedom and guns, and those of us who remain addicted to and armed with bulletproof common sense will bring the facts, logic and truth to the fray.

In mere days, tens of thousands of the good guys will converge on Indianapolis to celebrate the 143rd annual NRA freedom party gitdown.

You may note, Mikey, that just like all the other NRA gitdowns over the years, the good guys and gals of the NRA will not be involved in any shootings in Indianapolis. With the exception of newborn babies, NRA members may be the most peaceful, law-abiding group of Americans on earth. You know it, I know it, we all know it – but for some inexplicable reason, you deny this self-evident truth and keep playing your dangerous little gun-ban games. Ain’t gonna happen, Mikey, not on my watch.

NRA members don’t shoot it out over traffic disputes regardless of your insane claims to the contrary. We don’t shoot it out with others over the colors of our clothes or choice of sneakers. We don’t shoot and kill each other over dope turf because we’re not on dope. 99.99 percent of all guns, which are owned by more than 100 million Americans, will never be used in crimes.

The violent crime problem America has is relegated to a few certain sections of our cities. What America has is a gangster problem, not a gun problem.


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