Bryan Singer Round Up: DiCapro, Biden, Denials, and a Doc

The Daily Mail reports that 31-year-old Michael Egan, the man accusing “X-Men” director Bryan Singer of drugging and raping him some 15 years ago, is working with documentary filmmaker Amy Berg on a “bombshell exposé of Hollywood’s sordid underbelly.”

Berg is an Oscar-nominated director whose previous credits include a documentary about the sex abuse cases that recently rocked the Catholic Church. IGN reports that Berg “has confirmed she’s been working on a documentary about Hollywood sexual abuse that contains allegations regarding Singer and others.”

At Showbiz 411, longtime Hollywood reporter Roger Friedman sees a connection between the sexual abuse claims haunting Singer and a swindler named Dana Giacchetto, a one-time pal of Leonardo DiCaprio. Egan’s claim is that Singer and a man named Marc Collins-Rector set up a pedophilia ring that involved a company called Digital Entertainment Media (DEN). Collins-Rector ran the company, Singer was an investor, alleged-victims were paid-off using the company payroll.

According to Friedman, Giacchetto was involved in the financing of DEN.

[Egan’s] allegations fit in with another story I was reporting at that time, about criminal business manager and Ponzi schemer Dana Giacchetto (Leonardo DiCaprio and Mike Ovitz’s former BFF) and a company called DEN– Digital Entertainment Network, which was owned by Collins- Rector.

It’s a lurid story of Hollywood at its worst. Egan says today that he originally filed a suit in 2000, when all this was going on, but no one listened to him. Now it all may come out. And if Singer is culpable, the saga may involve a lot of well known names.


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