Jeb Bush: Both right and wrong by Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent addresses ex-guv’s ‘act of love’ claim about illegal immigration.

I’ll admit it: If I lived in Mexico, I would want to get to America as fast as I could, as America is the land of opportunity. Mexico, not so much.

According to a report by Transparency International, Mexico and Argentina shared the dubious title in 2013 as the two most corrupt countries in Latin America. Toss crime, drugs and a crushing 50 percent poverty rate on top of rampant corruption, and it’s no wonder why upwards of 15 million illegal aliens have escaped hell to come to America looking to improve their lives.

NAFTA, which was supposed to create a prosperous Mexico, has been a rusty shiv through the heart of the Mexican economy, which is why millions of Mexicans continue to take their lives into their own hands to come to the last best place.

Borrowing from his brother who stated on the campaign trail in Iowa in 1999 that “family values do not end at the Rio Grande,” Jeb Bush recently declared that those who illegally come to America have not committed a felony, but rather an “act of love.”

Mr. Bush, who is considering jumping into the presidential race, is both right and wrong.


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