The Progressive March to the Future is Destroying America by Robert Davi

The progressive march to the future is destroying America. What the Democrats and the progressives are doing behind the scenes is a more frightening and unjustified power grab than Putin’s on the Ukraine.

Robert Davi

I have been silent the last couple of years because my politics are not in goose step with most of Hollywood. For that matter it is not in step with the GOP, either. I find both parties have done things that are detrimental to America. The GOP more by sins of omission.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I have come to believe America is being gutted from the inside, and there are forces letting it happen. Our Congress and Senate are more like good comrades laughing behind the scenes as they perform the biggest shell game and sleight of hand–David Copperfield or Criss Angel would be in awe.

But in spite of the dysfunction of our House and Senate there is a more pervasive danger–and it is the people who are behind the scenes–people who in the dead of night write laws and bills that no one seems to know what the hell is in them. Or decisions that give up America’s sovereignty to an organization that has now changed what its initial purpose once was to an institution preparing for a one-world government, The United Nations.

So the freest, most stable nation in the world gives up the Internet to forces that could advance it being stifled? Does this make sense?

Yes, my friends, The Hunger Games are about to begin.


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