California and Leland Yee: Proof One Party Rule Corrupts

Well over a century ago, British Lord Acton said that “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Less remembered is the second part of Acton’s warning: “Great men are almost always bad men.” Acton came to his view as part of his deep concern about the centralization of power in government.

One party rule is a form of the centralization of power. In California, there has essentially been one party rule in the legislature for two decades. Part of that is the fault of Republicans, for not providing a vibrant enough alternative and reaching enough voters. The Democrat lock on the legislature, however, reflects to a greater degree on the voters of California and the California Media.

As I have pointed out before, California is in trouble. The publication 24/7 Wall Street has rated California the worst run state in the country for three years in a row. Despite the state being number one in poverty in America, among the worst in education and job creation, horrific state debt and unfunded pension problems that some believe exceed $500 billion if not more, voters regularly return huge Democrat majorities to Sacramento.

Democrat voters in this state simply don’t hold their politicians accountable. However, that is not completely their fault. The California Media is to blame as well.


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