Ted Nugent ‘Gun Rights Musical’ coming to NYC, Summer 2015 (Video)

“It’s a family show but anybody who thinks they know about guns and freedom needs to see this musical because our message is as blunt as an atom bomb: the gun control mindset doesn’t work. It destroys what we’ve built and clouds the rest”

If all things go as planned, next summer Ted Nugent and company will follow the lead of other notable rock musicians and bring his music and message to Broadway, in a new stage production, thematically centered on gun rights.

“We’ve been workshopping this for months in Michigan. Ted’s been developing this concept for years. We’re going to protect personal freedom with the only weapon NYC has left — the music,” a representative for Nugent told Guns.com.

Written by Nugent and composer/lyricist/Nugent’s former Damn Yankees bandmate Tommy Shaw and with technical advisement from Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, Stranglehold: A Musical about Control will examine the motivations, emotions and costs behind freedom hindering legislation through the highly interactive mechanisms of musical theater. Set in New York in the near future, the “rock musical” tells the story of ‘the Sheeples’ a large American family trying with varying degrees of success to navigate the perils and oppressive forces of modern life.


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