Students Sue the State of California for Giving Them a Lousy Education

Nine public school students are suing California for failing to provide them with a good education:

Vergara v California, a case brought by nine California public school students against five state statutes they say keep ineffective teachers at the front of the class, concluded Thursday with an emotional closing argument by the plaintiffs’ lead co-counsel Marcellus McRae.

“Just because you have a license, doesn’t mean you can win the Indy 500. Just because you have a credential, doesn’t mean you are an effective teacher. That argument is done,” said McRae.

The students’ council stated that the state’s tenure and seniority laws unfairly keep ineffective teachers in front of the class – “cheating students of their right to equal opportunity” and an adequate education. Their closing argument was so compelling that even Joshua Pechthalt, president of the California Federation of Teachers, predicted that the students will win.

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