White Privilege Conference wastes thousands of taxpayer dollars this week

“The point of the conference is to remind people our society is built on an invisible knapsack of white privilege,” Deupree told the Gazette.

For four days this week (March 26-29), thousands of white people are getting together in downtown Madison, Wis. to talk about how guilty they feel about the color of their skin.

The self-flagellation conclave is called the White Privilege Conference.

A sea of 2,500 (mostly) white people is expected to attend. They will mull over ways to tear down a system of “white supremacy, white privilege and oppression.”

The best part is that taxpayers are footing a big chunk of the bill. At least $20,000 in cash from taxpayers – and possibly much more –will go toward staging the four-day confab, according to Wisconsin Reporter.

Another awesome aspect of the festivities is that participants – including students at public high schools – can earn undergraduate and graduate university credit for attending.

Conference organizers say the event will be a gabfest about how white people have a bunch of privileges and how people with non-pasty skin suffer under the yoke of invisible oppression. But don’t worry, organizers swear, “it is not a conference designed to attack, degrade or beat up on white folks.”


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