Ted Nugent Continues To Conquer New Musical Frontiers

Recuperating from a recent knee replacement surgery at his Texas ranch, the legendary Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent, spoke with On Stage Review’s Mike Tomano to discuss the music industry, his outdoors lifestyle and his latest musical conquests.


MT: Music lovers will be excited to hear that you are preparing a new album. What can you tell us about the new batch of tunes?

TED: Nobody is as excited as my band and I are! To be able to still channel the original primal scream musical outrage of the miraculous founders Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, Little Richard, etcetera this late in the game more than 50 years later is enjoyed and appreciated more than words can convey. For many wonderful reasons, primarily that my hunting lifestyle so thoroughly cleanses my soul each hunting season following every summer rock season, I re-enter the firestorm of song and sound creation with as fresh an outlook as is humanly possible. Therefore, the most important elements of real soulful rock-n-roll, raw, irreverent, sincere, sexual, primal, defiant, intense, uninhibited and ultimately outrageous FUN, continues to dominate the inspiration for my songs today, and this batch is ferociously representative of all that wonderful American primal goo. We can’t wait to unleash these beauties on my fellow music lovers everywhere.

MT: There is nothing like a Ted Nugent concert. The tightness of your band is incredible. Detail the rehearsal process for us.

TED: I reference all those pure ingredients I stated, but for some amazing reason, we still to attack our rehearsals the same way we did in the uncharted wilderness of 1958 in the garage with zero limitations. Our rehearsals are mostly wild ass jam sessions out to satisfy our love of intense grinding Rhythm and Blues dominated rock. Fortunately our professionalism rates about even with our passion for the music, so we know that we must deliver the ultimate, musical tightness of our heroes like James Brown. The tighter the band, the more inescapable the groove and spirit of the music.


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