Diverse California: Chinese Want to Keep Prop 209’s Ban on Affirmative Action

“Asians in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond joined forces Friday to rally against a proposed Senate constitutional amendment that they said would punish their children for working hard to achieve the American Dream.”

In 1996, Californians voted with a 54 percent majority to prohibit racial preferences via Proposition 209. Race hucksters have been squawking ever since, and certain institutions, particularly the University of California, have come up with a string of squirrelly work-arounds, such as “holistic” admissions.

The latest liberal revolt against achievement is SCA5, a bill passed in the California Senate along party lines that would overturn Prop 209 and return the state to affirmative action in college admissions. If passed by the Assembly, then the proposal would become an initiative to be decided by the voters possibly in November.

What’s interesting is that Chinese Californians are beginning to understand how much they have benefited from Prop 209, under which their studious young folks are no longer bumped out of contention for top college slots by unqualified (but diverse!) Hispanics and blacks. As a result, a “groundswell of Asian American opposition” is forming up against the legislation to reinstate affirmative action (according to uber-lib Daily Kos).

It’s odd how Chinese have been so snoozy about affirmative action, commonly supporting it in polling, when their success in America has been due to hard work and academic achievement, not race set-asides. According to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau of Labor Statistics, 51.8% of all Chinese Americans have at least a bachelor’s degree, considerably higher than American population as a whole (28.2%).


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