Rick Perry: ‘Time for a little rebellion’

Texas governor says GOP winning on ‘battlefield of ideas.’

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a candidate for president in 2012, led off the second day of the CPAC annual conference of conservatives with a rousing, animated speech in which declared it’s “time for a little rebellion on the battlefield of ideas.”

“I’m reminded this morning of words that speak to the American soul, words spoken by Thomas Jefferson, ‘A little rebellion is a good thing.’”

Perry said in his speech Friday that instead of looking to Washington for solutions, Americans should examine the contrast between “blue states,” in which Democrats have a majority, and “red states” governed by Republicans.

In blue states, he said, “government plays an increasing role in the lives of citizens, taxes increase and jobs are lost.”

“Then there is the red state vision where the freedom of the individual is important, taxes are low, opportunities are flourishing and jobs abound.”

He pointed to states under Republican governors, such as Louisiana under Gov. Bobby Jindal, where “smart government regulations” have made the state more competitive for jobs.

Under Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Perry said, “we see the courage to reform government pensions and the people of Wisconsin stood behind him and re-elected him. Under Gov. Rick Scott in Florida, unemployment has declined for three straight years.”


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