Mexico’s President ‘Indignant’ About Deportations, Says U.S. Has a ‘Lack of a Conscience’

“Yes it makes me indignant, and it makes Mexicans indignant,” Pena Nieto said in the interview, when asked whether deportations angered him.

Mexico’s President, Enrique Pena Nieto, has taken shots at the U.S.’s border policy and announced on Friday that he is “indignant” about America’s deportations of illegal immigrants and suggested that such deportations demonstrate a “lack or conscience” on the part of Americans who refuse to pass amnesty.

According to Reuters:

In a television interview aired late on Wednesday Pena Nieto said he and U.S. President Barack Obama discussed the issue during their meeting at a North American leaders’ summit held last week in Mexico.

His emboldened comments to Mexico’s Univision channel followed days after his administration announced it had captured Mexico’s most wanted man, drug lord Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman.

Pena Nieto has said any extradition of Guzman to the United States is likely to take time, underscoring the fact the drug lord still has outstanding time to serve in Mexico after a daring 2001 jail break, reportedly in a laundry cart.


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