Hawaii Filmmakers Investigate ‘Honor Killings’ in US

The efforts of this film will bring awareness to the fact that “Honor Killings” are now spreading to the United States. Producers are hoping it will help put a stop to these heinous crimes and bring justice to these two girls and anyone else who has ever been affected by an “Honor Killing.”

Amina and Sarah Said

Hawaii-based Smart Lips Productions is in the final stages of making their new film documentary, The Price of Honor, set to release in March 2014. The Price of Honor reveals details never before seen or heard about the murders of Sarah and Amina Said, two teenage sisters from Texas who were killed in a premeditated “Honor Killing” planned and executed by their father Yaser Said back in 2008, who is still at large and remains on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

Through their research these producers have found many details about the case never revealed by the media, including a secret unknown daughter Yaser Said had during the time he was married to Patricia, the girls’ mother, and the fact that Yaser Said allegedly murdered someone else in the past and was able to cover it up with the help of his family. The team has been working secretly and diligently for over two years with private detectives and together has come across new leads on Yaser Said and his whereabouts. In fact the team was so close that they were threatened to death during their time in Texas.

Film producer Sogol Tehranizadeh, a freelance journalist working in the media industry for more than five years has a passion for investigative journalism and became part of The Price of Honor to help find justice for Sarah and Amina Said. Tehranizadeh is amazed by how much progress the team has done on this case in the last years.


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