Is book burning the ‘new normal’ on campus? by Tom Tancredo

The reality is as oppressive as it is instructive: If you want to know what life will be like when the left controls ALL of American society, simply look at how the left uses its power to suppress dissident thought on university campuses.

At California’s San Jose State University recently, a book critical of the global warming hoax was burned in public to show that no dissent is allowed from the global-warming- is-destroying-the-planet mantra – and the burning was done not by students but by two professors from the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science.

No one should be surprised that the two professors have not been disciplined for their action. In fact, they probably got high-fives from their colleagues in the faculty lounge.

Higher education in America is in crisis, but the crisis goes largely unreported – and it has nothing to do with escalating tuition costs. The crisis in higher education is the abandonment of standards resulting from the tyranny of political correctness.

Book burning is one manifestation of this tyranny, but other incidents of violence and intimidation area regular occurrence if you are paying attention.

The contemporary university claims the right to police itself in the name of academic freedom. The problem is that the people responsible for maintaining standards and overall governance, the trustees and regents, have largely abandoned traditional roles and standards in deference to the new orthodoxies that are defined by and enforced by political correctness.


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