Yet Another Muslim Cigarette Smuggling Ring in America Financing Islamic Terrorism – HAMAS, Hezbos, Qaedas in NYC

All 16 of those charged are Palestinian and all but two were living illegally in the U.S. One managed to flee to Jordan before the arrests late Wednesday. Kelly said the group included several “individuals on our radar with links to known terrorists.”

Over the years, I’ve written about many Muslim cigarette smuggling rings throughout America. In every case, they are funding either HAMAS or Hezbollah. And now there is one that fronts for both AND Al-Qaeda. Yup, this is what higher cigarette taxes do for Islamic terrorists: they transfer money from the mostly poor, working-class stiffs in America who smoke to Islamic terrorists who hate us. Halal Cha-ching! Oh, and by the way, the perpetrators–16 of them!–are all Palestinian Muslims. And all but one are illegal aliens. No worries, though, because they would all be eligible to “come out of the shadows” and get their golden U.S. citizenship ticket, thanks to Marco Boob-io and his Senate Gangbang of Eight.

A Palestinian smuggling ring with possible ties to Middle East terrorist groups made millions selling tax-free cigarettes in the city and upstate. . . . Late Wednesday, state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the NYPD busted up the ring of 16 defendants they say flooded the market with more than 1 million cartons of tax-free cigarettes. Law enforcement sources told The News some members of the group may have ties to Hamas and Hezbollah. One defendant is Youssef Odeh, 52, of Staten Island, a vocal supporter of Omar Abdel-Rahman, the blind sheik now serving a life sentence for his role in a foiled 1993 plot to blow up New York landmarks.


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