The Resounding Success of the Liberal Media Against Glenn Beck

After exposing Van Jones as a radical in the Obama White House, Jones rallied his Marxist buddies into a vast media campaign to get advertisers to leave Beck’s show, or even FOX altogether. Unfortunately, he was quite successful and, like the Left, the group likes to take full credit for Beck leaving FOX.

Flashback to 2009: Glenn Beck was on FOX News, dominating the ratings and Conservatives all over America were waking from their fog of apathy. People like Beck, Sarah Palin, Ron and Rand Paul, Andrew Breitbart and Michelle Malkin helped bring the successful, but local, Tea Party to a national level. Constitution-loving Americans realized they had to fight this small but vocal minority of uber-liberals and Marxists. President Obama had surrounded himself with radicals…his ‘czars’, who hadn’t been vetted or elected. Conservatives were engaged and enraged and Glenn Beck helped lead the charge.

Somewhere along the way, FOX and Beck butted heads. Beck wouldn’t compromise his values–that part was clear. It also all seemed to happen shortly after Beck started getting the better of “Spooky guy’, George Soros. Other rumors claimed The Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) was involved, not far-fetched if you understand how deeply entrenched they are in America’s media and businesses. Regardless, liberals had a field day celebrating their ‘success’ in getting rid of Beck. At the NYU Stern School of Business, Beck recently talked about his departure from FOX saying head honcho Roger Ailes didn’t want him to go; however, Beck says he had to. “I remember feeling, ‘If you do not leave now, you won’t leave with your soul intact.” The book, Roger Ailes: Off Camera suggests Ailes wanted FOX to have a more moderate tone and that didn’t include Beck.


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