‘Duck Dynasty’ Star on His Family Business–‘We Did Build It’

As Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer was discussing the success of Phil Robertson’s duck call business on May 7, Robertson interrupted her to say Duck Commander had been created “with no government assistance.”

After a pause the star of reality TV’s Duck Dynasty added, “We did build it.”

Robertson grew up with no electricity and no running water. He talked of creating the Duck Commander duck call and renting cameras with which to film while he and his boys showed what happened when the duck calls were used. The rest is history.

Spencer then asked Robertson to tell her about his life “before the fame, with no electricity,” and the like. Here’s his answer:

I was into sex, drugs, and rock n roll Lara. And the reason I repented is because I needed to repent. Do you see what I’m saying?

So I turned from my wicked ways, I embraced Jesus of Galilee, and the next thing I know good times had come my way.


Complete text linked here.

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