NRA’S 142nd annual freedom party a huge success by Ted Nugent

Americans celebrate 2nd Amendment in Houston.

I raced off stage in Tampa after throttling my 6511th high energy rockout, mopped up as much dripping sweat as I could, changed into dry clothes, grabbed a Gatorade and a sack of food, hung onto my gorgeous wife Shemane and headed to the airport lickity split.

We landed in Houston an hour and half later, met by a commando in a black SUV and raced to the hotel across from the jam-packed Sam Brown convention center.

Greeted by smiling, friendly families, cops, military heroes and wonderful Texans galore, we settled in for the night and prepared for what we surely knew would be a grand day of ultimate freedom celebration with great Americans from all fifty states.

Early Sunday morning, just like the last twenty or so years in a row for us, we gingerly walked into a record setting attendance of more than 80,000 NRA member families, united to stand up and fight for our sacred God-given, individual, Second Amendment-guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.

The positive energy is always a glorious force to reckon with at these NRA events, but this year, in the face of the most blatant, unambiguous attack ever on our rights, the mood was more up-beat and determined than I have ever seen before.

When the president of the United States has the audacity to dare claim that NRA members and law-abiding, gun-owning families in America don’t care about saving innocent lives because we didn’t fall for his counterproductive background check scam, one need’s to look no further for inspiration to stop the vicious lies and push back hard against such indecency.


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