Ted Nugent Eviscerates ‘Soulless’ Media in Exclusive Backstage Interview

“Honesty and integrity, sense of decency and, especially in the media, dedication to accuracy is something that must come from within,” he said before addressing the media specifically. “Those you who violate the premise of honest journalism, you are so feeble and soulless you don’t even know it…I will continue to go Piers Morgan on you — know that. Brace thyselves.“

Legendary rocker and conservative firebrand Ted Nugent takes pleasure in, as he put it in his speech at this year’s NRA convention, “dancing on the skulls” of dishonest and hypocritical members of the media. In an exclusive backstage interview with TheBlaze on Sunday, the NRA board member savaged the “grossly unprofessional” and “sinfully biased” so-called journalism peddled by the mainstream media.

“They’ll never get it,” Nugent told TheBlaze in a dimly lit green room at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. “And that’s why I emphasize the soullessness–I’m pretty good with adjectives but I feel helpless coming up with one incriminating enough or descriptive enough to identify those who would hate freedom, hate the right to self-defense and smirk at the widow of a Navy SEAL for celebrating the freedom that all warriors dedicate and volunteer their lives to fight for.”

The “smirk” Nugent was referring to occurred in the press room during the NRA convention this weekend where an unidentified individual, presumably a reporter (he was wearing a media badge), told this author that it was “weird” that Taya Kyle, the widow of slain Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, would speak at the NRA event after her husband was killed with a gun.

“Make no mistake, my enemy looks and smells exactly what the enemy of freedom should look and smell like: Hygiene challenged Michael Moores, G-force lying Nancy ‘you don’t have to read it, you need to sign it’ Pelosis, deceptive scam artist like Dianne ‘I’ve got a .38, you don’t get one’ Feinstein,” a passionate Nugent told TheBlaze.


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