Sessions: ‘Tide Is Beginning to Turn’ Against Immigration Bill

Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) told Boston’s conservative radio host Howie Carr on Wednesday that the political momentum is starting to turn against the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.

When Carr asked the senator if this process behind the push for this bill is the “same thing as Obamacare” where “we have to pass it so we can read it,” Sessions replied: “Absolutely, it really is.”

“That is exactly what it is,” Sessions said. “They’re selling the sizzle. They’re selling the smell. And it’s a shoe leather instead of a steak.”

Carr said that though everyone can agree that the immigration system is “broken,” Americans should not support the Gang of Eight bill because it would make the system “worse.” Instead, Carr argued people should support a yet-to-be-introduced solution that actually solves the problems at hand and this issue does not need to be an all-or-nothing deal with the Gang of Eight bill.

“That is exactly correct,” Sessions responded. “And Professor [George] Borjas at Harvard, the leading expert on immigration and labor, has made so clear in his work that basically what he concludes is any benefit to this economy is at the expense of lower income workers’ salaries going down.”


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